Thursday, January 29, 2009

We're surrounded

Right at the front door

I counted 14

After they walked away about 20 yards, 2 little deer came

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

1st time ice skating for Mr. T

Tristen and Sarah

Tristen and mommy

Tristen, Big Sarah and Little Sarah
I wondered if i should mention the owie that Tristen got
just before closing time. He had a bloody mouth and nose and I was
concerned about his one front tooth, the gum above it was purple
but after some baby asprin was taken at home he was back to himself again. The purple area is healing. Elizabeth said it was probably just blood build up under the gum. All is well again! Thanx for a great time all of you.

They are here for 2 weeks

Our niece, Katrina and her 3 daughters, Grace being 2 1/2
and the twins Monica and Mairen are visiting while their
dad studies for a Latin test to finish a degree he is trying to obtain.
He is a teacher of Theology.

Our New Year's excitement

A few family members and friends gathered at Sue and Harvey's
house and this stacking of the "Sequence" chips was the highlight
of our evening. We did give a challenge of trying to use every chip
stacked in the 10 minutes remaining before the new year came in
and of course for it not to fall before. As you can see, it did fall, but we had fun.

Our new shower, which is a year overdue.

What a great time we had ice skating!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sorry I haven't been bloging

I left my camera in Warren on New Year's and haven't been up that way to get it, so I can't blog and believe me there have been many times when I ran to get my camera and it wasn't there and I was very disappointed.