Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Trip to Chicago

Starting our trip aboard the Metra in Mundelein
Some skyline behind us. We had a little girl real quick too,jk
Grace is our nieces daughter, not sure what that makes her to us???

"Sue" at the Field Museum

Tristen getting drenched in the Crown Fountain

The view from the entrance of the Field Museum.
It was a beautiful and fun day.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer fun

We are enjoying very much the pool that was given to us.
The boys created a road block and it stopped the UPS man from
completing the circle drive and they have a tent up to sleep outside

Jumping with cousins

I caught the 1st fish. Bo caught 3. Daddy caught a fish and a soda can
at the same time. Tristen went hungry that night.

Milwaukee Zoo trip

We took an unfamiliar road trip to the Milwaukee Zoo
to celebrate Father's Day

We toured their special dinosaur exhibit.
This was especially neat.