Saturday, October 18, 2008

1st ever Apple pie

I apologize for not taking pictures as I prepared
my 1st ever Apple pie but here it is in the oven cooking.
Thank You Lynn for such easy directions, it gave me the
courage to try it. I will take a picture when it is done. You
may notice that at one point I had the lattice going and then
I lost my pattern somewhere along the way.


Flipfloppingmamma said...

Awesome!! I can't believe I inspired you to make one. You need to tell FarmerFoley how easy it is! :P

shsh28 said...

Way to go on the apple pie!
I so love them, but I take shortcuts whenever possible. I only make my own crust if the grocery store has been leveled by a tornado and I can't buy pre-made. Sorry F F Mamma..
As for the lattice, um, I don't have the patience. Crimp that sucker, poke some holes in it and MAYBE use a small apple cookie cutter for a cute design. I admire your effort on the lattice - you are way more of a Betty Crocker than I could hope to be. Lynn must be so proud!