Monday, March 8, 2010

Deer and Turkey Expo Bloomington,IL

We had a great time checking out all the deer. As you'll see the boys got up close with a gator and Bo was trying to be an appetizer for a bear. Those of you who view hunting videos, DVD's may recognize the man standing with Fred as Byron Ferguson. We have a DVD with Byron on it hunting along the Milk River. I saw Byron and had to get a picture of him. I wanted T&B to stand along side but they were too shy to do that for me. I took a lot of pictures that are not included in this post, I just picked out the ones most impressive to me.
Since coming home from that weekend, we've been busy in the woods hunting for antlers. Bo and I just found 2 more his afternoon. We've found a total of 7 so far and are hoping to find more soon. We saw a nice buck 2 nights ago in our hay field and he still had both sides on so we are on the lookout.

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